I’m so impressed of the people around me. So many are great at things one could almost not imagine. As a young adult, there are so much things to learn and go through.. and to be creative or just super cool above that is fantastic. So many are, and there are also those who are progressing in the shadows.. I love them too. Not all are outgoing in our extrovert society. Some do not have it natural to express openly their feelings but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be part of a group. To meet them at their comfort zone (stretching slightly) is always a good idea. I found that they can be real treasures, just allow them to feel safe and a great friendship can occur. The risk is to assume everyone else thinks like you and that is a bad trap one can fall into.


So warm

Wow. It’s been a pretty warm and intense day.. love it. Feels good. Fixed things, cleaned, phone calls, laundry, sorted stuff, jogged down to the ocean, showered, checked and answered mails.. Now I’m sitting in the sun enjoying the update of my blog.. feels good to just.. cyberspace for a while.

The five closest

They say that the five people you surround yourself the most with are also the ones who affect you the most. Until I mixed up my penta group I realized how important it is to have loving, non-judging, positive people closest to me. And what a change! I feel so well and my face is glowing with joy! Soon a dear friend of mine is coming over to the island I’m living on. He’s among the handful, and we will certainly cheer each other up!



..started talking to me and said “hey you totally look like Charlize Theron!” then he made me promise to look up a clip of her on youtube… well it’s hard to recognize features in yourself and find look-a-likes, but she’s cool so I take it !